MCU Microchip PIC 16F1939
MCU Program Memory 28K Bytes
MCU Ram 1024 Bytes
Analog I/O 6, 10-bit Analog Pins
Digital I/O 13, Digital Pins
PWM 5, 10-bit PWM Pins
LCD 16 Pin Parallel LCD Interface, Supports up to 4 Line LCD
EEPROM 256 Byte EEPROM Storage
i2c Software Configurable i2c Communication Functions
SPI Software Configurable SPI Communication Functions
Serial Software Configurable Serial Functions for MCU to MCU Direct Communications
1-Wire Software Configurable 1-Wire Communication Functions
Pulse In/Out Software Configurable Pulse In / Out Functions
Sound Built-In Functions for Sound Generation: Arbitrary Frequency Generator, Misc. Sound / Tone Generator, DTMF Generator
ICSP ICSP Interface for firmware updates or override pyMCU firmware with custom code
USB FTDI FT232R USB to UART Interface
POWER Power Supplied by USB
25mA Source / Sink Current I/O
500mA Max Draw from USB
Solder Jumper J1 Configurable for 3.3V or 5.0V Operation.
Battery operatable 1.8V - 5.5V for use when overriding pyMCU firmware with custom code
Measurements L = 2.45" (62.2mm)
W = 1.45" (37.0mm)